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Les solutions d’ACWA

Our mission

A country such as France has 13,500 drinkable water distribution services, and each service takes care of one or more networks. Each of these networks is unique with regards to its size, its topology, and its history. The expectations of operators are equally as diverse, based on whether they’re dealing with a large industrial group or a town of a few hundred inhabitants.
Our goal is to provide, in all cases, the relevant information our clients expect. We’re therefore developing tools and services adapted to these expectations.

Our approach

The underlying belief of our company is this: to know a network, you have to immerse yourself in it

The development of autonomous robots, capable of diving into the heart of the pipes without disturbing the water circuit, with the goal of bringing back information is the logical choice. Whether it’s to obtain photos of the inside of the pipeline or even measure residual thickness, going in will always be the most effective method. Our machines are specifically designed to travel through drinkable water networks.

The information collected during these missions is then made available to operators in two ways: via a dedicated ACWA software or in the form of data that can be integrated into a GIS (geographic information system).