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Technology at the Service of Exploration

To map and document networks as complicated and diverse as water distribution ones, ACWA is designing robotic solutions under the founding principals of human exploration of unknown zones. Like the first explorers, ACWA robotic solutions are going to allow for evolution in completely untouched territories and for the establishment of the first exploration bases. They will identify risky zones, lay the groundwork, deepen the knowledge of familiar zones, and even establish a complete mastery of an environment in terms of its geography and prediction of factors that will affect everyday life. 

In a totally unknown environment, the « M-Shuttle » takes technological principals of evolution in unmastered zones (such as space), and allows for the mapping out of the first pipeline routes, with control and a reading limited to the zone, all while facilitating more documented exploration.  

Based on these foundations, two types of robots will be able to map and document the network in detail:

The « C-Pathfinder » (ACWA Robotics certified) totally masters its autonomy and its progression through long-distance pipelines that don’t offer much sectioning and that have medium to large diameters. It evolves at a medium speed and allows for mapping and diagnosing spread out zones.

The « F-Patroller » brings speed and flexibility to pipelines and allows, in more limited distances, for the evolution in environments with more sectioning, in either narrower or very large diameters.

By combining different movement, support and tracking technologies, ACWA offers a global technological solution to its clients, giving them the ability to master the distribution network.